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how to, 1.12.2
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1. go to minecraft directory
2. go to resourcepack directory
3. create folder ”changeSoundChest”
3. inside that folder create file pack.mcmeta
4. inside pack.mcmeta put this

      "description":"Changing the sound of chests",
	  "_comment":"my own chest sound mod"

5. create new folder structure inside changeSoundChest like this ”assets\minecraft\sounds\block\chest”
6. find some other sounds (only OGG format, use converter online) https://freesound.org/search/?g=1&f=&q=click&s=duration+asc&advanced=0&page=5#sound
7. you need to create close.ogg, close2.ogg, close3.ogg, open.ogg
8. go to minecraft, options -> resource packs, select Changing the sound of chests, done :)

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