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CPU i5 2500K with locked multiplier, ratio?

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CPU i5 2500K with locked multiplier, ratio?

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Based on : Sabertooth P67

After bios factory reset, my i5 2500k suddenly got 33x miltuplier limit, just can’t believe that happen.

Resolution : dont try downgrade bios or update it (using afudos v5 and bupdater.exe or ai suite and any other default tools) , that metod just not working, even with really old bios version.

Download FTK ( or )

1. Open FTK8 for Windows (its working with Sabertooth P67)
2. Download BIOS 3302 and put into FTK/FTK8/Windows, rename it to bios.bin
3. Start : gberefl.bat
4. Start : merefl.bat
5. Restart system two times
6. If still not working, try refresh whole bios using biosrefl.bat
7. Restart system, check limits, and have fun ????


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