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Sonoff Slampher V2.4 / Firmware change to TASMOTA

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gpio, how to


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  1. Connect RX/TX/GND/3.3V from USB TO TTL 
  2. Desolder R21 (it's just 0 ohm resistor, wire)
  3. Solder R3 (bulb, wire, 0 ohm resistor)
  4. Download
  5. Press button on Slampher, power on (only from 3.3V, don't connect high power!), connect USB to TTL (use different timing combinations with command below)
  6. Determine FLASH SIZE and ID --port COM5 flash_id
  7. Backup is impossible (don't know why) becaue you got
    A fatal error occurred: Corrupt data, expected 0x1000 bytes but received 0xfff bytes
  8. Just skip backup and erase flash --port COM5 erase_flash
  9. Download TASMOTA (alternative firmware)
    1. download tasmota-MY_COUNTRY_.bin (<1MB)
  10. Upload new Firmware --port COM5 write_flash -fs 1MB -fm dout 0x0 sonoff.bin
  11. After that, desolder R3 and solderback again R21
  12. Done. Now there will be new Wireless avaible (Slampher Access Point), connect, configure, visit


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