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TESLA P100 on WSL (errors and drivers, TCC to WDDM mode)

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Tesla P100 is not detected by nvidia-smi, how to fix that?

current error : "Unable to determine the device handle for GPU 0000:08:00.0: Unknown Error"

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First, TESLA P100 runs in Tesla Compute Cluster (TCC) mode, that's bad and it's not supported by WSL2.


Get new drivers from

If you are using WINDOWS 10/11, just download NVIDIA-GRID-WINDOWS (example:

Install this on windows, reboot, then check everything with nvidia-smi (windows cmd or linux).

You see WDDM mode? good :) that's done.



Are you using two different cards? like RTX + TESLA? Never mix different driver versions! it will not work!

After installing the GRID DRIVERS, run nvidia-smi command, look for DRIVER VERSION, download same driver for RTX (RTX and GRID driver has to be the same!)

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