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Tomb Raider - how to edit and quick start level?

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level editor, quick start, tomb raider 3, tomb raider 4

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1. It’s not possible to quick start Tomb Raider 1,2,3, so we need to test it on Tomb Raider 4
2. Use Tomb Editor (download here: ) (mirror for 1.2.11 – )
3. Use tomb4.exe from Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRLE; official editor, mirror direct link for download: )
4. Inside Tomb Editor,
4.1 Tools -> Level Settings

Set Game Version to TR4
Set Folder in which all runtime game… : Select folder where’s tomb4.exe from TRLE
Check: Enable Tomb4.exe quick start feature

5. Load WAD from tut1.tr4
6. Load sounds!
6.1 Tools -> Sound infos

Add Path to Sounds.txt
(example patch: soundLevelSFX CreatorSoundex.txt) from TRE editor catalogue

7. Add lara to scene, add ligt, load textures ( )
8. Press F5


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