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MultiMC: Unable to resolve mod IDs

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Unable to resolve mod IDs:

Some mod ID resolving task failed.

Screenshot 2022-06-05 105935

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I started conversation here because talking about alternative is no longer possible at github 


  1. first read this
  2. love SlowPoke/FTB/Overwolf/CursedForge for everything
  3. Use or as working alternative for MultiMC (new API)
  4. or use older version of MultiMC (may not work due to the new API)
  5. or Install mods/modpacks using CursedForge Client
  6. then Using MultiMC install vanilla Minecraft and Forge/Fabric
  7. Copy alll files from CursedForge Client (minecraft instance) into MultiMC Minecraft Instance directory
  8. Change icon, play :)


or use cracked launchers  ... or just use CL and allow modders to earn some money 🤠 make you choice. (more money = better mods).



0.6.16 - The Modpack Apocalypse


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