Pitcairn island, Adamstown – how they get internet access?

What is Pitcairn, Adamstown? Is an Island of middle of nowhere in Pacific Ocean

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The Connection

They use Inmarsat Satteltite connection since 2006.

Starlink is now operating in two of the most remote areas in the world: Pitcairn Island and Easter Island, both of which are thousands of miles away from the nearest continent

— SpaceX, Twitter

Location of sattelites : -25.066491, -130.098454 (https://goo.gl/maps/gZhAead7Eukx95rE7)

What about fiber optics

Nope, they don’t have any connection with fiber optic cable. The closest one is 1300 km far from island. Someday last and far island will be connected to The Internet by fibre optics :)

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source: https://submarine-cable-map-2019.telegeography.com/


Telephone systemgeneral assessment: satellite-based phone services; rural connectivity a challenge (2018)domestic: local phone service with international connections via Internet (2018)international: country code – 872; satellite earth station – 1 (Inmarsat)
Broadcast mediasatellite TV from Fiji-based Sky Pacific offering a wide range of international channels
Internet country code.pn
Internet userstotal: 54percent of population: 100% (July 2016 est.)
Broadband – fixed subscriptions
Communications – notesatellite-based local phone service and broadband Internet connections available in all homes
source: https://www.indexmundi.com/pitcairn_islands/telecommunications_profile.html


Monthly Pitcairn Newspapper – http://www.miscellany.pn/

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Official Pitcairn webpage – http://www.pitcairn.pn/

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Earthquake Data live from Pitcairn : https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/stations/IU/PTCN/

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(outdated) Pitcairn still runs of manual telephonic signals as mobile network is not very feasible and uses New Zealand’s international code. There is one satellite internet connection sponsored by government for which the residents pay around Rs. 4,700 for 2 GB data per month at a speed of 256 kbps. In 2012, however, a single 1 Mbps connection was installed on the island which is being shared by all the families via Wi-Fi.