Google Chrome optimization

open the page on the given link and set status to ENABLED

Multiple connections for downloaded file

Forced memory saving function, unactive tab freezing

Another GPU hardware acceleration for whole pages (gpu status avaible on chrome://gpu/ page)

fully optimized chrome with GPU acceleration

Pixel redner optimization

Write directly to the GPU memory

Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations (force GPU mode)

Open chrome://settings > System -> Enable GPU Acceleration

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ENG: Third planet of the solar system? PL: Trzecia planeta układu słonecznego?

  1.    Ziemia / Earth
  2.    Jupiter / Jowisz
  3.    Wenus / Venus
  4.    Sun / Słońce
  5.    Pluton / Pluto
  6.    Merkury / Mercury
  7.    Mars / Mars